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10 Years


(Another trite high school reunion flick)

Here we go again: Another trite high school reunion flick.

It's the 10th reunion for a high school clique, whose members have moved on to other places and other interests. But, as one character puts it, "We spend all our time looking back when we have so much to look forward to."

That may be true for some, but others are still locked in the past and they all pretend things are great when they are living dull, unsuccessful lives.

While "10 Years" is an ensemble piece, jumping from one character to another, Channing Tatum's Jake is the central character. He is about to ask his girlfriend to marry him when an old flame shows up at the reunion.

Another grad, who was so popular in high school, shows up in a sexy dress and leads on two guys who follow her home, only to discover that things aren't as they appear.

Chris Pratt plays the high school bully who causes havoc when he gets drunk and tries miserably to atone for all his sins. He becomes a real pain, especially to the audience.

After wasting our time at the reunion, the group moves on to their old hangout (a bar where they must have been underage drinkers), where they bore us some more. It's a long hour and 40 minutes.

Rated PG-13, with profanity, drugs and alcohol and sexual references.


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