12 was her lucky day



The numbers had everybody talking yesterday, but Jennifer Silvio had no idea that Wednesday was going to change her Sunday when she set off on her hour-long commute to Westwood.

The number thing actually started before she set off for her job as a business analyst. Her 11-year old daughter – one year short of the 12 thing – questioned how long it would be before the dates lined up to 12-12-12 again.

“I told her it was going to be a long, long time,” said Jennifer.

Her 15-year old son, Anthony, disagreed.

“He’s a smart Alec. Not if you do military time,” he said.

That was the extent of Jennifer’s thoughts about 12 until she got on Post Road and made her daily stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts opposite Ann & Hope. Usually she gets an egg breakfast, but yesterday was the office Christmas party so she decided to bring in a dozen donuts – there’s that magic number 12, again.

She didn’t think it strange that Pat Patriot was in the store until the mascot, along with a couple of Patriots cheerleaders and an entourage dressed in Tom Brady jerseys – there’s that number 12 – surrounded her.

It was then that something clicked subliminally. She had read messages on Twitter that Wednesday was going to be a special day for some lucky Dunkin’ Donuts customers. Could this be it – Pat Patriot and cheerleaders?

It was even better.

Jennifer was handed a pair of tickets to Sunday’s game.

The Post Road store was the first of 12 stores, of course it was 12, that Pat Patriot visited in Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts yesterday to give away a pair of tickets to the first customer they see with a dozen donuts. They also made a stop at the Jefferson Boulevard store.

An avid Patriots fan, Jennifer has been to only one game so far this year, when the team played the Colts.

“Now I’m going to get to go to another,” she said excitedly.

That could be good news to other family members.

“On Sunday, you don’t get to touch the TV,” she said.


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