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21 Jump Street


(Sophomoric comedy)

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are nowhere near the top of our list of favorite actors, so Joyce, still recuperating from gall bladder surgery, left me on my own to suffer through this sophomoric comedy.

Taken from, but bearing little resemblance to, the old TV series, this version is loaded with below the belt humor, poor acting and a script that looks like it was written by a bunch of high schoolers.

Tatum plays Jenko, the dumb jock. He's no Johnny Depp. Jonah Hill plays Schmidt, the nerd, who graduated from high school the same year as Jenko and went on to become a cop at the same time. The two team up and screw up as rookies, riding their bikes to keep the local park safe, where they are put on probation for messing up big.

They are sent to 21 Jump Street, a rundown church, where their superior officer (Ice T, shouting his few lines) assigns them to be undercover cops and break up a high school drug ring. The pair mess up during their first hour at the school and continue to wreak havoc as they mess up everything and everybody they come in contact with.

They look old enough to be their fellow students’ parents, but act like 1st graders. Jenko is sexually attracted to his teacher, while Schmidt falls in love with a fellow student. What she sees in this jerk is hard to believe. They throw a big party with drugs and booze, all in an effort to find the main dealer. You may figure out who it is before the movie is half over.

There's a big car chase, a mean motorcycle gang, a really dumb scene where Schmidt plays Peter Pan in the school play, and lots of things blowing up. Of course, our heroes break up the drug ring after wrecking most of the surrounding area.

Three young couples at the Friday matinee laughed throughout the dumb movie. I guess I'm just not "hip" any more.

Rated a big R, with profanity, violence, drug use, nudity, sex and bathroom humor. Did I miss anything?


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