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5 seconds could change a life
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Signing the pledge, as Major David Tikoian of the State Police looks on, is Allie Ryan.

The question was, “How many of you texted this morning?” The response from Vets seniors yesterday was nearly unanimous. It looked like every hand was raised in the auditorium. Then they were asked, “How many of you texted while driving?” About six hands were raised. Changing that behavior is the intent of the “Txtng & Driving…It Can Wait” campaign being waged by the Attorney General, the state Department of Transportation, State Police and AT&T. Like seniors at Pilgrim and Toll Gate who have already seen the presentation, a video on the tragedies of texting and driving highlighted the 45-minute appeal. The presentation concluded with students signing a pledge not to text and drive. To illustrate the danger of texting and driving, Special Assistant Attorney General Terence Coyne asked students to imagine shutting their eyes for five seconds while driving. “In that time, a lot can happen to change your lives,” he said.

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