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To the Editor:

I have read with interest your articles this year marking the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Some salient points about the assassination would be painfully obvious to someone living in another country. Say someone living in France, Germany or Argentina. Points overlooked in the past by members of this country, out of national pride or arrogance.

A young, idealistic, liberal president pays a visit to a very conservative state. The president is not liked at all in this state. He is assassinated in a very conservative city, where the hatred for him is very deep. When it comes time to find out who did it, no one knows anything in Texas. All they can produce is an obvious patsy in Oswald. So obvious a patsy, that if it was a Hollywood movie, Hollywood could not have a produced a better typecast patsy. 

The vice-president (now president) just happens to come from this same state. He appoints a commission that has one goal in mind. Paint Oswald as the lone gunman, and then build an entire case around this fact. No matter how ridiculous the assertions, above all, we do not want the Russians to know that our prized democracy is turning into an unstable Banana Republic.  

Fifty years later, we now have a more believable theory as to what happened in Dallas that day. Rogue elements of the CIA and the FBI, along with well-financed right wing nuts determined that Kennedy had to go. They enlisted the aid of underworld criminal syndicates, who did the dirty work, and had the real assassin in place on the grassy knoll. The getaway and the cover-up and the patsy were provided by the rogue government agents. And the money to make it all happen came from the right wing nuts. A textbook case of a CIA-sponsored coup. It took the hard, painstaking work of conspiracy theorists, crime writers and research investigators 50 years to come up with these truths about that tragic day. These writers and researchers are true American heroes. People that I hope history will not forget about. John F. Kennedy was such a great man that his 1,000 days will last 1,000 years, maybe longer. It is great that justice has been done in this case. 

Kevin Vealey



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Kevin....you don't have one fact to offer to validate your theory. I can only say your hatred of 'right wing' people is clouding your judgement. The idea that Kennedy was killed by 'right wingers' is a new conspiracy to me. I will say this about Kennedy. I continue to find out what a fractured (not great) man he was. His father bought him the election. He was a sex fiend, a well documented fact. He was addicted to pain killers. He had this crazed behaviour of swimming in the nude in the WH pool, regardless of who was with him. He gave one of his 'girlfriends' to his friend in the same pool.

He defiled a young intern in Jackie's bed. Even the events around the sinking of the PT109 were highly exaggerated to make him more heroic. A great man? I think not. A great president? Well, after botching the bay of pigs, he did stand up to Kruschev(sic). He also drove us towards the moon and gave us the peace corp. Unfortunately, he also ramped up our involvement with Vietnam.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Most of the problems we face (and have in the past) has the been the result of the strong influence the right wing plays in this country. Vietnam, poverty, homelessness, the wars in iraq and Afghanistan, lack of jobs, all the result of a strong right wing. They BLOCK peace, they block finally ending poverty,they block humane prisons (that change prisoners, not make them worse). They ship all the good jobs overseas. the only time they need us common folk is to fight a war *that they start!." And of course the assassination of JFK, the best example of how strong the right wing is in this country.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The real issue here is lack of respect for the truth. If Kennedy was alive today he would indeed be a right wing conservative in which our country most desperately needs more of. Liberalism only acts when it's too late and when justly confronted with the many truths that abound slivers like an aggressive snake. Everything that Kevin and especially Conspiracy expressed was absolutely misleading nonsense. Kevin and Conspiracy may I suggest you read my last three straight forward unequivocally truthful commentaries "We need a change in leadership" " Stand your ground" and "What is the world coming too?"

Sunday, September 1, 2013

dear jtaxassoc:

If Kennedy were alive today he would be considered a centrist democrat. Very much like Bill Clinton is considered a centrist democrat. The two of them are very similar in philosophies. The government has a necessary role in people's lives. it cannot be eliminated as the right wingers want. That is what kennedy and clinton believed in.

BUT, for his time Kennedy was considered very liberal. Talk of government anti- poverty programs, food stamps, medicare, housing projects, more social security, desegregation for blacks, things like that were unheard of at the national level in the late 1950's. The American people voted for Kennedy because they were sick of the right wing (both democrat and republican right wing) doing nothing for the middle class and underclass.

Always remember TAX MAn< the natural extension of free market capitalism is slavery for the underclass and low paid servitude for the middle class. That is why the American people vote for people like Kennedy and Clinton. They shake things up!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013