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7 Psychopaths


(Brutal, bloody, black comedy)

You will either love this brutal, bloody, black comedy or you will hate it enough to walk out. Don't be fooled by the trailers, which paint it as filled with laughs. The trailer shows all of the funny parts.

“7 Psychopaths" is a cross between "Pulp Fiction" and writer/director Martin McDonough's classic "In Bruges.” McDonough goes to extremes with the bloody violence, whether shooting somebody's head off or slitting somebody's throat, all in living (or deadly) color. One thing is for certain: It is original.

There are seven psychopaths, all a bit crazier than the next. We get a glimpse of them in a disjointed, talky beginning before the movie picks up speed, slows to a snail's pace, then picks up again for a wild ending.

The plot has Christopher Walken playing yet another weird character, a frightening psychopath dog-napper.

Woody Harrelson plays a mob boss who grieves over the dognapping of his beloved Shi Tzu and vows bloody revenge.

Colin Farrell plays Marty, a writer in search of a movie plot. He has nothing more than a title: "7 Psychopaths.”

Sam Rockwell plays his friend, Billy, who leads a secret life and spends most of his time nagging Marty about his excessive drinking.

Who is this hooded character who brutally kills people who kill people, leaving the Jack of Diamonds on their blood-soaked bodies? You'll probably figure that out early in the movie.

The weirdest character carries a white rabbit with him as he attempts to be a subject in Marty's script.

It all comes down to the big showdown in the desert, where many of the characters blow each other away. The movie has some funny lines interspersed among the chases and murders. They talk a lot, kill a lot, then talk a lot more.

This is not a movie for the faint of heart or those who don't appreciate the over-abundance of four letter words. But if you have a warped sense of humor and are looking for something dark and different, "7 Psychopaths" is the movie for you. We walked out of the theatre without reaching a consensus as to whether we liked it or not.

Rated a very big R with extreme violence and profanity, plus some sex and nudity.


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