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An Open Letter

To the Editor:

After reading the comments and accusations of my opponent for the Ward 8 council seat questioning my loyalties to the Warwick residents served by the Kent County Water Authority, I feel compelled to respond. The criticisms that were made indicated a complete lack of knowledge and were responded to accordingly.
The general manager of the Kent County Water Authority confirmed my responses. My loyalties are to my family, the City of Warwick, the State of Rhode Island and the United States of America and are confirmed below:
Born, raised and educated in the City of Warwick and the University of Rhode Island.
Military service to my country and state are 22 years in military service and the National Guard.
Served our Continental Little League for 15 years.
Served on the Warwick City Council for a total of 12 years in Ward 8.
Served on the Kent County Water Authority board of directors for the past 17 years, representing the City of Warwick in a strong and effective manner.
My loyalties have been proven and I have been and will be dedicated.
Where are your loyalties, Ms. Jennings?

Joseph E. Gallucci
Ward 8

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Ms. Jennings has made a valid point here. This is a total conflict of interest. From what I see her loyalties are not the one in question. She has been a true advocate of the taxpayers and small business not only here in Warwick but thru out the state. Warwick needs a new city council not the same old buddy system of years past. Ms. Jennings has my vote for sure.


What a crock....... is that a poll you made up in your head........ Warwick voters are smarter than that, they know they have to STOP electing people who are part of the problem..... GALLUCCI is part of the problem....... maybe he should go and share the stolen lobsters with his brother.....

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