October 13, 2015
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Antiques, Toy Collectibles & More Celebrates 8 years with 10-50% off all items
This rare and valuable Mickey the Pilot, shown here amongst his Disney friends, was made by the Sun Rubber Company in the 1950s.

Never in the history of the world has there been a more popular rodent than this: the one, the only, Mickey Mouse Whether you are a serious collector, or just a fan of Disney characters tall or small, you will love the collection of Mickey Mouse's at Antiques, Toy Collectibles & More. While the cartoon version of Mickey Mouse was created in 1928, this rascally icon has been reinvented and brought to life in a thousands ways ever since. He has been everything from a wizard in "Fantasia" to a fluffy stuffed creature in his signature red shorts and over-sized shoes to a ceramic figurine posing with his beloved Minnie. One of his more uncommon appearances was as a pilot, cast in rubber and flying a 6" plane. This unique figure, made in the 1950's and found in a rare color variation (most often seen in red - this plane is powder-blue) is now available at Antiques, Toy Collectibles & More. Come see Mickey and his pals at this delightful corner store in Warwick.

Antiques, Toy Collectibles & More is celebrating its eighth year of business this month. Owner AnnaMaria Tropea invites you to come to this cozy, "packed-to-the-rafters" store where every corner is jammed with treasures, toys and tidbits of history, entertainment, function, fun and nostalgia. In celebration of these 8 years, everything in the store is 10-50% off! There are novelty items, hard-to-find collectibles and toys for children of all ages to choose from.

This cozy "toy box" is filled with a wide array of both new and vintage toys, children's picture and comic books, kitchen gadgets and housewares, distinctive jewelry pieces, used DVDs and classic editions of magazines - all at incredible prices. You can also find unique porcelain figurines, glassware, china, and silver. If you a fan of vinyl records, then come check out Anna's incredible selection of original Elvis, Beatles, Moody Blues and Beach Boys albums.

Antiques, Toy Collectibles & More also has a large stock of Magic, Pokeman, and Yu-gi-oh cards. Check out Anna's huge collection of new and used die cast Matchbox, Hotwheels, Johnny Lightning, and Maisto vehicles, including an extensive assortment of vintage and current cars in 1/18 to 1/87 scale. Perhaps you have room in your home for some new furniture - that is doll house furniture! Just come in and let the child in you explore!

Antiques, Toy Collectibles & More is located at 2362 West Shore Road, right across the street from Veterans Memorial High School. Hours are Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 12 to 4:00 pm. You can find Anna's stock on Craigslist.org or find her display at the Seekonk Flea Market, every other Sunday. CASH only is accepted. For more information, call 732-2211, or 215-0550.

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