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Apponaug 10’s one win from state crown

The Cal Ripken 10-year-old all-star tournament began over the weekend, and Apponaug has put itself in the driver’s seat.

Apponaug, managed by Joe Dunphy with assistant coaches Andy Sullivan and Matt Schulte, knocked of the host CLCF team on Saturday 2-1, then beat Providence’s Washington Park 10-0.

Because of the two wins, Apponaug will be playing for the title today against either CLCF or Washington Park.

Apponaug’s 12-year-old all-star team got started in its state tournament over the weekend too, and didn’t fare quite as well. Apponaug, hosting the tournament, lost 11-0 on Saturday to Washington Park via mercy rule. It was scheduled to be back in action on Monday against West Warwick in an elimination game, with the results unavailable at press time.

The nine and 11-year-old all-star teams will begin play in their respective state tournaments this Saturday, July 13th.

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