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To the Editor:

It absolutely baffles me – the Providence Journal Express tells me that the Warwick audit shows a $2.4 million surplus, yet the “powers that be” in Warwick cannot seem to feel that they could use a little of that surplus to buy a piece of land somewhere along the straight stretch of Ives Road across from the Equestrian Center for the fire station that they are planning to build after they destroy our historic Potowomut School. Maybe someone could explain the logic of that to me?

There’s a piece of land for sale down there if they would take the time to look into it.

Virginia Mathewson


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The school is old and falling down. It will never be a school again. The neighborhood has few kids. I know because I took mine trick or treating and we saw very few kids and mostly elderly folks handing out candy. I attended Potowomut School many years ago. I have fond memories. But, I also understand it is time to move on. The location makes sense for what they want to do. It will also bring a bit of community back to the old neighborhood as it will be a place for meetings and a police sub-station and so forth. I wonder other than it being historic do you have other issues with it being converted to something else?

Wow demolishing began today. Didn't realize so soon. Disregard post above doesn't matter now. It has begun !

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