October 10, 2015
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Bashing lawyers

To the Editor:

As a resident of District 23, I take great offense to the campaign billboard of John Falkowski in which he states, “We should elect a businessman and not another lawyer to the Rhode Island State House. I am an attorney as well as a small business owner. I own my own law firm. My small business employs several Warwick residents. My law firm pays the following taxes: payroll, property, and business, federal and state income. There are many other self-employed attorneys in this city that operate the same small businesses and pay the same taxes, etc.
I cannot fathom why Mr. Falkowski would denigrate the legal profession, when I’m sure Mr. Falkowski had to utilize the services of an attorney throughout the course of his business career.
I also find it interesting that neither on the billboard nor his local signs, he mentions the fact that he is a Republican. Does he not want to be grouped with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and any other Republicans?
Rather than bashing lawyers, can we find out exactly what Mr. Falkowski’s plans are to improve the district as well as representing all citizens?

John T. Carroll, Esq.

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