October 13, 2015
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Bay View prepares for 30th annual Manhattan at the Bay
Jen Cowart
GRADES FIVE TO EIGHT: The students at the middle school level are featured in the show alongside the high school students.

With this year’s 30th annual Manhattan at the Bay right around the corner, the performers in this year’s Cabaret are excitedly preparing for their performance, appropriately titled, “Tradition: A Tribute to Cabaret 30.” The school will transform into an exciting venue of food and performances from April 25 to 28, with performances taking place all weekend long.

“There are over 100 students involved from grades 5 to 12 and boys from the surrounding areas as well,” said Director Chris Kavanaugh. “Diane Gualtieri, our music director; Cindy LoSasso, our choreographer; and Karen Mellor, our percussionist, have all been involved for the past 30 years. Our costume designer, Arlene Vacchelli, has been involved for at least 25 of those 30 years.

Kavanaugh said this year’s show will “weave in and out some of the largest, biggest, most successful numbers from the past 30 years.”

“We’ve brought back the best of the best,” she said.

In the past, Cabaret performers have had the opportunity to travel worldwide, performing their shows.

“We’ve performed in Paris, Florence, Assisi, at the Vatican, in Belize, at the American School in Paris, at Warwick Musical Theater and at the Providence Performing Arts Center,” she said.

The actors and actresses will have spent their entire April vacation week preparing for the show, working on their studies in between acts, in order to be ready for next week.

“I think it’s always amazing to me when we get to this time of year. It goes so fast,” said Kavanaugh. “I also think it speaks volumes that these kids will have spent their whole April vacation week getting together to participate in what is the major fundraiser for their school. It shows just one of the exceptional things they do, that they’ll do in the future for their friends, their families, for one another.”

For more information about tickets and show times, contact the St. Mary Academy Bay View at 434-0113.

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