October 10, 2015
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Chafee - ‘Walk away’

To the Editor:

I recently read where Governor Lincoln Chafee graded former Governor Donald Cacieri on his eight years leading Rhode Island. He had the audacity to give his two terms a “D” grade.

Imagine, Chafee, in his infinite wisdom, passing judgment on someone else. In the Bible, Jesus says, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” and they walked away.

Governor Chafee, please do just that – “walk away.” Better yet, run, as your tenure as “governor” has been divisive and a complete disaster!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich

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All you have to do is reflect on government leaders, both state and national, over the last twenty five years and ask the question: "Would I want that person leading my corporation?" Then consider Linc Chafee. Then attempt to stop laughing.

They both have been horrible. Carcieri was a big idiot as well

....JohnStark really? Does it all relate to business? I googled your name you're like a assistant ceo for a company... figures

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