October 13, 2015
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Daphilanthropies help make cemetery cleanup a success
CLEANUP CREW: The Daphilanthropies (from left) are: Daphne Eckert, Elizabeth Vecchio, Kelsey Hunter (bottom) Miranda Vermette, Alexis Perenti and Amalia Rivera.

This past Saturday, Warwick Historical Cemetery #30 was found once more, with the help of the Warwick Historical Cemetery Commission, a group of eager girls who call themselves Daphilanthropies, and a handful of concerned neighbors lead by Connie Gliottone.

The cemetery, located in close proximity to the Picasso’s Pizza parking lot on Warwick Avenue, had become so overgrown over the years that it was no longer visible, and had no markers indicating where gravestones once may have stood. However, the group tore through branches, vines and thorns, and had eventually cleared enough to allow 9-year-old helper Autumn Miller to discover the first field marker of the day. Several others were later found, as was the base of one white marble gravestone and several of its’ broken pieces that contained an inscription. By the end of the day, the area had been transformed and Picasso’s generously donated pizzas to the volunteers, who had certainly worked up an appetite.

The ladies of Daphilanthropies are: Daphne Eckert, Kelsey Hunter, Annabelle Paul, Lexi Perenti, Amalia Rivera, Miranda Vermette and Elizabeth Vecchio.

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