October 10, 2015
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Death of Henry the friendly swan

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my thanks to the two couples down at Oakland Beach a couple of weeks ago.
As one may know, there are several swans there. One in particular, I named Henry. Henry would eat from one’s hand, and came to my car window to visit.

For approximately two years this went on.
Two weeks ago, an unleashed dog and his owner came by, and the dog chased Henry to his death, the owner laughing.

I called animal rescue, they connected me to DEM, and I was told they don't pick up dead animals.

The two young men picked Henry up and laid him to rest at "sea" at the end of the breakwater.

To these young men, I say thank you for caring! To the owner of the dog … shame on you – there is a leash law, and the area is the animals’ domain, which we have the privilege of enjoying. Let us not forget, these birds are a protected species. Let us respect them.

Susan J. Whittingham

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