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Devastating consequences of pipeline

To the Editor:

Thousands of people have joined in protest against the Keystone XL pipeline and have urged President Obama to reject its expansion to the refineries along the gulf coast.
Climate experts have stated that increasing the extraction of the dirty tar sands oil will accelerate climate change to a point where it becomes irreversible.
We can't allow the devastating consequences that will result from the expanded production of oil sands. Future generations stand to suffer severe climate conditions as oil companies reap the profits of this project. We need to focus on cleaner sources of energy and make the necessary investments into research and development of them.
It is imperative that each of us has a better understanding of the threat that this pipeline poses and then add our voice in opposition to it.

Robert Midura


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EACH OF "US"? Beam me up Scottie....

The pipe line is a bad investment. It really is. Better off to make a row of wind mills the same length in a row for energy. Fossil fuels are not the future. Tar sand is very devestating on the environment. Not only to mine it but to burn it. As long as the President is in office the pipe line will not be built. By then the Candians will have gone a different route. Good riddings. If you think the pipe line would lower your energy cost you are sadly mistaken. The U.S. is producing more oil and natural gas than ever before. Net exports now exceed net imports. Yet fuel prices are going up ! Opec controls the show as does wall street. Taxes on fuel also add another .40 cents or so to the pricing and that likely will increse as well as carbon taxes are activiated to curb use to try to stop pollution and waste. Keep buying and driving those gas guzzlers people but please stop whining about the prices because fuel prices are never going to go down. Trade in those suv's and pick ups for the 30-50 mpg vehicles that are cheaper to buy !!

15 years ago, John Kerry told us that the pipeline would not result in a drop in energy prices for 15 years. Well, here we are. Enviro-Nuts wish us to return to the Stone Age. As for wind mills, simply consult the enviro-nuts on the Cape on how much they've supported th Cape Wind project. Answer: Vehemently opposed.

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