October 10, 2015
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Donovan actively pursuing council presidency

Who will the next council president be?

At the moment, that question is still up in the air, as a handful of council members are remaining tight-lipped about the issue. The current council president is Bruce Place, who did not seek re-election.

While rumors have swirled that Ward 4 Councilman Joseph Solomon, Ward 6 Councilwoman Donna Travis and soon-to-be Ward 8 Councilman Joseph Gallucci, all Democrats, are interested in the position, Travis and Gallucci failed to return phone calls to a Warwick Beacon reporter who left voice messages inquiring about their thoughts.

Solomon confirmed during a brief phone interview yesterday afternoon that he doesn’t desire the position, as he served as council president for three terms in the past. However, he said he thinks there are a few qualified candidates on the council, including Ed Ladouceur, who just won the seat for Ward 5.

Solomon also views Ward 9 Councilman Steve Merolla and Ward 7 Councilman Charles “C.J.” Donovan, who has expressed that he would like to serve as the next council president, as qualified.

“He’s done a lot of good things for the city,” Solomon said of Donovan. “There are a number of qualified individuals that would do a great job, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who the candidates are.”

During a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, Donovan said he is actively pursuing the position and has extended calls to each of the members, including Gallucci, Ladouceur and Tom Chadronet, who won the seat for Ward 2. Donovan said the only council member he did not contact was Ward 1 Councilman Steve Colantuono, as his opponent, Sharon Ahearn, recently requested a recount.

“I let them know that I am an option for council presidency,” Donovan said. “Should they see fit that they are entertaining that as an option, my door is always open.”

Donovan said he feels he would be a good fit for the role. He thinks he would bring experience, a good temperament, the ability to work across all parties regardless of political partisanship, plus the ability to work well with the council and the administration to focus on the needs of the city.

“We have an important two years ahead of us, and I’d like to hit the ground running on a lot of important issues,” said Donovan. “I would be honored if they trusted me with the council presidency role.”

He also said that no one has contacted him are requesting his support as council president.

“I have not heard from any members of the City Council asking for my support,” Donovan said. “We’ll see what happens.”

To gain the position, a council member must receive five votes. They are able to vote for themselves. If he doesn’t win, said Donovan, there is a silver lining.

“If nothing else, it’s a good opportunity to open up the lines of communication among all members, so at least we have a good group of people moving in the same direction making sure we take care of city business,” he said. “It’s a good thing.”

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I would like to see a woman as Council President. Donna Travis would do a great job. She is a caring person. She has brought life back to Oakland Beach.When someone has a problem in her Ward she is always there to help. I don't think they should choose someone who does not return phone calls when someone needs help. Donna has been in office for years. People love her. If she did not do her job WELL , the people would not elect her time and time again. When someone goes as far as to talk about her education. They don't have a clue about life.There are people who have GED's who have become very successfull in life. I know people who are in the fianicial world now and very good at it. I myself have a GED and have a great job. I find the statements that Cote and Cushman are putting out there very offensive. Who are they to say someone with a GED is not smart enough. It's not like they are Brown or Ivy league grads. Also, why is Mr. Soloman only suggesting males. Camille Vella Wilkinson is also very smart . She is also a very caring person. Just go around to the Ward and ask people. Does Mr. Soloman not think women are not good enough to hold office or is he afraid of being showed up. Both these women do a fantastic job for Warwick so GENLEMAN THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK !

Travis is not qualified to be council president...she has no grasp of the issues.

Vella-Wilkinson is a union loving empty pants suit.

Travis is not qualified to be council president...she has no grasp of the issues.

Vella-Wilkinson is a union loving empty pants suit.

Sorry, I think she is. We need people who tell the truth. She knows the issues. Why do you think the people vote her in. She is there for the people in her Ward. I don't have to say anymore. The people know her.

As far as Camille goes, she is a class act..... She too is also always there to help someone in the Ward. This is what we need in Warwick . Not a bunch of blabber mouths. We need people who will help Warwick grow. What do you mean about empty pants? Are you speaking about yourself? It takes an empty pants suit to write something so low.

Patty319.....both Travis and Vella-Wilkson love the unions and vote in every benefit they request but they don't represent the hard working taxpayers who want reduced taxes.

Both gotta go....


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