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Extensively damaged
Warwick Beacon photo

Two dogs and a cat died on Friday morning after a fire at 110 Overbrook broke out shortly after 10 a.m. According to a neighbor, resident Brandy Bacon left the house for a short errand and returned to find the house on fire and Warwick firefighters extinguishing the blaze, which seemed confined mostly to the back of the residence. Neighbors consoled Brandy Bacon, who shares the residence with husband Jon Paul Bacon, as the firefighters sifted through the ashes to recover two dogs and one cat, all of which, apparently, died of smoke inhalation.

Warwick Fire gave no conclusive cause for the fire but a preliminary examination indicated that it started with an appliance in the left rear quarter of the residence, which also showed the most extensive damage. The house has been boarded up and a contractor was at the residence on Monday, assessing the cost and time it will take to make the house habitable again. Here, firefighters clean up after extinguishing the blaze.

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