October 24, 2014
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Garden Help and Soil Testing
By NPTRestoration
Event Date(s): Sundays, 4/13/2014 - 9/28/2014
Venue / Location Information:
Name: Prescott Farm
Address: 2009 West Main Road
City: Middletown
State: RI
Event Time / Additional Information: 10am to noon
Contact Info: Liz Spoden, liz@newportrestoration.org

The URI Master Gardeners, who manage the gardens at Prescott Farm, are offering free soil analysis and gardening information on Sundays from 10am to 12pm.

Whether you are growing vegetables, flowers or simply caring for your lawn, proper soil is the key to good results. The trained Master Gardeners will evaluate the texture and pH of your soil sample, provide advice on improving your growing conditions, and tell you how to get more detailed testing. In addition, the Master Gardeners will offer advice on any gardening, lawn care, tree care or other questions you may have. (Weather dependent.)

How to obtain a soil sample:

• Using a clean trowel, take and combine several smaller samples in each separate area of your property that you want to test. Take a sample at a depth of 3-4" for lawn, 6-8" for vegetables and flowers and 12 -18" for fruit trees. Do not sample recently fertilized, limed or very wet soil. You can take the sample from different parts of the lawn or garden.

• Take approximately one cup of soil and spread it on a piece of paper to dry overnight.

• Transfer the sample to a small zip-lock bag. Write on the bag your name and the type of plants you plan to grow and bring it with you.

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