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Harbinger of spring one seed at a time
Warwick Beacon photos

As Cindy and John Morris of Morris Farm know, Mother’s Day is when people are looking for flowers and planting their gardens and that’s the time they want to have their greenhouses and outdoor stands filled with lots of blossoms to pick from. The season starts with planting that was in full swing last week as Paul Sullivan and Song Vang planted seeds in starter trays of 324 plants each. Song, seen here with Cindy Morris, positions seeds that are held in place on a vacuum-backed plate that Paul places on top of the seeding tray before the seeds are released. The trays are then placed in one of four greenhouses on water-heated tables where shoots will start appearing in seven to 10 days. After six weeks, the seedlings are transplanted to six-packs, hangers and pots where they will grow and flower. Paul’s constant companion is Monty, seen here enjoying the warmth of the greenhouse.

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