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I support marriage equality

To the Editor:

As a person of faith, I believe in same-sex marriages. When a state provides legal recognition of same-sex relationships, it promotes an environment of tolerance and acceptance for all its residents. Same-sex couples pay the same taxes, follow the same laws and should have the same access to a civil marriage license.

Making marriage equality a reality is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. Please join me, along with the majority of Rhode Islanders, in supporting marriage equality. Thank you for your support!

Alison Proctor


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I'm glad you can see the big picture Alison, and thank you for YOUR support!

Alison, I could not agree more, which is why I support inter-species marriage: One Man, One Animal. Stop the Hate!!

Is that idiotic post all you have John? And you wonder why you lost the battle to keep gays from acheiving legal equality with you?

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