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Ice Age: Continental Drift
Don Fowler
3 stars
Reviewer's Rating:
Denis Leary, John Leguizamo and Ray Romano reprise their voice roles in "Ice Age: Continental Drift."

(Sequel strictly for the kids)

We love the cartoon character, Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel who spends his life chasing acorns. He opens and closes the latest sequel, continuing his quest and disturbing the nature of things by causing a "continental shift" that leaves the large array of strange creatures running for their lives.

We recognized a couple of the scenes from earlier Scrat shorts and loved them. Unfortunately, the rest of the hour and a half movie lacks the cleverness, as we are bombarded with a variety of animals as they fight off pirates and move about the ice as it breaks up and threatens their existence. There's lots of action for the kids, but little of the past subtle humor for the adults. One little girl told her dad the movie was "totally awesome.”

Ray Romano and Queen Latifah are the voices of the huge wooly mammoths who are separated when the ice flows break up and a group of them head out to sea. Dad had been overprotective of their daughter, who wants the be her own person (or mammoth).

The movie switches back and forth between the characters on the separated continents, with one group fighting off nasty pirates, led by a nasty ape who leads his motley crew on an iceberg shaped like a ship. Peter Dinklage is the voice of the ape.

The lessons of sacrifice and covering your friends' backs are there for the kids, and there's even a song to break up the action.

Denis Leary is the voice of the sabertoothed tiger who develops a relationship with a pretty, strong-willed enemy tiger. Wanda Sykes is funny as the absent-minded granny. There are loads of characters from sloths to whales to entertain the kids.

There is a short cartoon starring Maggie Simpson surviving some mean kids at a day care center that adults will enjoy as well as the kids. Not so with the latest "Ice Age.”

Rated PG, with nothing to worry about.

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