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It’s our state, not the legislature’s

To the Editor:

The state of Rhode Island has extorted the Newport population and businesses long enough.

The state of Rhode Island says if you went to live and work, or run a business, you will pay to use the Pell Bridge. How dare they continue to exploit not only the Newport population, but now say the same thing to the population of Aquidneck Island.

Steven Frias wrote an article in the Providence Journal, “The RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority was supposed to exist only until the bonds used to build the Newport Bridge were paid off through tolls. Once the bonds were paid, the Newport Bridge was to be transferred to the state of R.I. and become toll-free.”

If you want those inhabitants of Aquidneck and Newport to get a fair shake, stand up and refuse to pay those tolls. It’s our state, not the legislature’s. We want to encourage tourism.

By the way, the doubling of fees did not bring extra income. Poor attendance kept the figure of 3 million the same. How many retirees and underpaid are not able to afford the new fees? Cut them in half – it’s our state, not the legislature’s.

Elmer Gardiner


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I am glad you know how a representative government works.

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