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Joyce and Don Fowler

*  ½

(Cookie-cutter spy story)

Chris Pine does his Matt Damon impression in this cookie-cutter/formula spy story based on the Tom Clancy hero.

Russia is again the enemy. This time they are about to pull off a terror attack that will bring down the USA economy. It’s a good thing that Jack survived a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, fell in love with his rehab doctor (Keira Knightley) and was convinced by a covert CIA commander (Kevin Costner) to become a covert agent.

Jack’s cover is an analyst job for a major New York City bank. He discovers a Russian plot to buy up ES Treasury bonds and flies to Moscow to confront the Russian businessman behind the dastardly plot.

Kenneth Branagh, who also directed, plays the bad guy who tries to have Jack killed, kidnaps his fiancée and, of course, is taken down at the last minute by Jack. (Oops, I gave the plot away.)

I’ll also give away the formulaic plot features like a bomb that will go off in seconds, the hero’s fiancée being kidnapped, cars, trucks and motorcycles chasing each other through busy city streets, plus a number of improbable coincidences and narrow escapes.

Rated PG-13, with violence.

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