October 10, 2015
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By Karlene
Lily the Great Dane

Lily is a 1 year old great Dane who loves people, playing, resting and watching TV with her owner, and getting real dirty while digging and playing on these cool summer mornings.

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Lily is 135 pounds and acts like a 20 pound dog. She likes to sit on your lap, slides across the room because she can't stop, and playing with other dogs. She's Great!!!

She's absolutely gorgeous!

Lily is such an amazing dog! She makes us smile every time we she her! Good Luck Lily XO


Lily is beautiful and has a beautiful personality!!!

I love the expression on her face!

Lily is Beautiful!!!

Lily was really showing her marmaduke like tendencies yesterday morning. She was running around with a red pepper in her mouth, dog prints on the kitchen floor and a muddy face. Needless to say, she had to have a bath right away. She is so gentle, beautiful, so you can't get angry with her.

Thanks for all the nice comments by the way!

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