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Look out for best interests of our students

To the Editor:

Normally, I can agree with some of Lonnie Barham’s articles. However, his rant, headlined, “School Committee is pennywise and dollars foolish” (Beacon 10/11/12) is complete nonsense. It concerns the Warwick School Department’s high school mentor program involving our 700-plus seniors for the coming year.
In my opinion, the committee is correctly and sensibly responding to a law passed by the General Assembly in June. This law was a dismaying and unhelpful intrusion to the students, parents, teachers and the administration. It, especially, interfered with a most worthy and meaningful senior project designed to enhance their education. Hopefully, our Warwick representatives and senators will be at the forefront of quickly revising the law so that our students will not be adversely affected in the future, as they have been at the present time.
Mr. Barham’s article was erroneous and demeaning to a School Committee and Administration that strives to guarantee that all students receive the education they deserve and expect. To quote you, Mr. Barham, “Reverse your foolishness.”

Eugene Nadeau
Warwick School Committeeman
District 1, Wards 1, 2, 3

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