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To the Editor:

As a junior at Warwick Veterans, I cannot begin to express the feelings about the school closing. My teachers and my friends, you can tell they’re physically and mentally being affected by this. I am not someone who cries easy, nor am I someone who just slacks off in class.

Lately, I have been so preoccupied by this consolidation “plan.” I have never been in a situation like this before, and I just don’t like it. What about everything that Vets has been through, not only as a school but as a family? I refuse to be known as anything else but a Hurricane.

I don’t want to be a Titan, I don’t want to be a Patriot, I’ve had enough of your charts and statistics about things you probably had already mentioned twice. You can tell me I can get a diploma with “Warwick Veterans Memorial High School” on it, but the school you graduate from, is  the school you graduate from and that’s that. Like many, I don’t have a class ring, I don’t have a yearbook, all I have is friends, and if you break us up the way you plan to, we’ll have nothing. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

This statistic, this dollar sign, this standardized test score has a name, and it’s greed.

Brianna Bier


Warwick Veterans

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After reading this letter I believe this student needs a lesson in english grammer. Maybe she should spend less time complaining about a school closing because the enrollment is so low and more time studying.

johnsweet... Your funny look at what you wrote english grammer should be English grammar....

You are funny Norm88.......look at the sentence structure!!!!!

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