September 3, 2014
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Members elected to cast their votes

To the Editor:

At last Tuesday’s School Committee meeting, there was an agenda item calling for the approval of a classified, i.e. Union, clerical position whose duties were, primarily, to handle student registrations. The administration laid out their need for the position and committee member Karen Bachus was vocal in her criticism of administration coming before the committee with additional staff spending in light of the many things that had been cut over the last couple of years. She mentioned the reduction of a junior high librarian, the addition of what she called a ‘Fellowship’ position within administration and said that she just didn’t know “what to believe” anymore with respect to requests such as these.

To any rational observer, it was very clear that Ms. Bachus did not – and would not – support this new clerical position. However, when the time came for a vote, she abstained. As a very frequent attendee of school committee meetings over the past dozen or so years, I can’t remember any member who has abstained from votes with the frequency of Ms. Bachus. Abstentions are necessary only if one has some direct stake, financial or otherwise, in the issue before the body. Otherwise, it’s reasonable for constituents to expect their elected representatives to take a position on the issue.

David Testa


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I absolutely agree with Mr. Testa's statements. Ms. Bachus' refusal to vote on whether to save or eliminate the ALAP program was cowardly at best. Her continued pattern of abstention, regardless of what her position on a particular issue is, should only serve as proof that she doesn't deserve to be a school committee member and should not be reelected when her term is up.

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