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Memories of ‘the Downs’

To the Editor:

I was greatly pleased to read Henry Brown’s letter in the Oct. 29 Beacon.

I was 7 years old in 1930 when my widowed mother and I moved to 3 Scandia Avenue. We then called the neighborhood “Warwick Downs.”We owned our cottage but rented the land.

The Ernest Bloom family lived next door, where Narragansett Parkway was located.

My aunt and uncle, Annie and Joe Lizotte, ran a grocery store on Nausharn Ave. and we shared the backyard.

The Anderson family lived at the end of our street. I had many happy days playing with Elsie and Doris; their mother’s name was Frieda.

The Williams family lived next door. I think the woman was also a widow, with two boys.

Next to that was a house with several young men. I think they were bachelors and probably worked together.

Next to them was Barney Collins, a widower, and his daughter Agnes.

The Swedish Working Men’s Association came to our homes to collect the land rent. The summer season was more expensive than the winter.

Rosetta (Furey) Desrosiers


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