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Mia Bella
By megcarp
Mia Bella

Mia Bella is a four pound rambunctious Maltese who looks so cute and innocent, but is so mischievous!!!

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What a blessing she is in my life!

My sister and I are roommates. I love Mia!!! She was a very, very sick little girl when we decided to take her and she only weighed 18 ounces!!!!! But with all of the love, attention and affection, she grew up to be a very active, loving little girl!! She is full grown at 4 pounds and she loves to lick!! Her tongue is a little too big for her mouth (she didn't "grow into it") so it's usually hanging out!! LOL!!!

Mia is a survival story!! She gives me inspiration to keep going every day!! And lots of unconditional love to come home to!!! :)

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