October 10, 2015
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Mr. Chelo wouldn‘t accept it in his backyard

To the Editor:

A few short years ago, Chelo’s on the Waterfront was a family restaurant that did a brisk business. There was occasional live entertainment, but nothing that was unduly objectionable to the neighborhood.

Today, Chelo’s has become an outdoor nightclub with very loud musical acts catering to the 20-something crowd. Mr. Chelo tells us that he made a significant investment in his property to bring it to its current state. The discussions that are now going on regarding the lack of fit between the new Chelo’s and its location should have happened before Mr. Chelo invested one dime. It is not the fault of the neighbors that Mr. Chelo created this unacceptable nuisance without consulting anyone. While the noise is perhaps the biggest nuisance, there are also other significant problems with parking and all the normal problems that flow from having a drinking establishment that caters to a young crowd, such as trash being routinely strewn all over the place and urination on people’s lawns, etc.

While no one wants to see a business suffer losses or have to reduce staff, we have to live here. There is no way that Mr. Chelo would accept this situation in his own backyard and neither will we.

Lisa McDuff
Arnold's Neck Resident

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