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Palombo did his job

To the Editor:

The City of Cranston has been well served by its police chief Col. Marco Palombo.

Col. Palombo has been a tireless and dedicated public servant since he became a police officer nearly three decades ago. His department has been scandal-free, save the recent “ticketgate” episode resulting from the isolated actions of a few officers, and he has disciplined several within the ranks for inappropriate behavior.

He has been even-handed, honest and diligent. That he became a political scapegoat tells us much about gubernatorial candidate Fung’s lack of character.

Patrick Casey


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When you serve at the appointment of the Mayor you can go anytime! He knew this!

Of course he did. But that does not diminish the fact that a loyal and accomplished police chief was thrown under the bus -- at great cost to Cranston taxpayers -- to serve the political needs of a floundering mayor seeking higher office. The Chief was a straight shooter; the Mayor i s not.

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