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Politics vs. We the People

To the Editor:

“We the People” have a God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With that said, when politics and more, specifically politicians vote on issues, which go against and threaten our family values and God’s commandments, we must voice our concerns. Every faith community has not only the duty, but a right to participate and be part of public discourse.

Of all the issues that are part of debate in the public square, the most important is “abortion.” Abortion is the linchpin around which all of our discussion of human life must begin and hopefully someday end.

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said, “If abortion is not wrong, nothing is wrong.” Yet, it was voted the law of the land. I guess “wrong is right” in our culture?

How ironic that recently I read that along a Florida beach they have posted signs and fines forbidding foot traffic in an area of protected nesting sea turtles. Imagine, we protect unborn sea turtles, but we don’t protect human life. Where has this country drifted to in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness?

“We the People” must not compromise or back down when we feel our values are under attack.

Speak up and stand up in the name of God for what’s right, otherwise it’s all “wrong!”

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich

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