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To the Editor:

Reading the comments by Mr. Phillip Keefe on Dec. 18, 2011, I see this as a typical labor organizer thinking he is really powerful.

If they don’t agree, “make them pay.” Wow, what a powerful guy.

I have hope that the hardworking members of his small organization have the courage to say “No” to his demand. I have to think that his people realize that without reform, the state will be like Central Falls in a very short time. I have to think that his people know or possibly have a family member who is homeless or in dire need of help that Crossroads can give.

I am sure Mr. Keefe will never have to sleep in a shelter, fortunately neither will I.

I speak from over 10 years of my life volunteering with homeless issues (not Crossroads) and I can tell you it is a tough, tough assignment to keep the shelters running.

Mr. Peters, you have inspired me to increase my annual contribution to the homeless cause by $100; this year it will go to Crossroads. Thank you for the reminder.

I ask anyone reading this to sit down today and send a small amount to Mrs. Nolan at Crossroads. I am sure you will feel good about it.

Crossroads is located at 160 Broad Street in Providence.

John Rooney

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Crossroads will never get a dime from me. Why didn't EngageRI give them the money they were handing it out like candy at the statehouse. Of I get it, Crossroads has no influence...

I have plenty of other worthy causes that I donate my money to.

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