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Shekarchi an advocate for senior citizens

To the Editor:

I have known Joe Shekarchi for many years and urge the voters of Warwick’s Representative District 23 to support him in the Nov. 6 election. Joe’s background in working with small businesses gives him a keen understanding of the hard work that it takes for our entrepreneurs to start and grow a small business and how government can best assist. His work with the Warwick Housing Authority has given him tremendous insight on the importance of affordable housing – an issue important to all families in our state, those just starting out and those in their retirement years.

With 17 percent of its population age 65 and over, Warwick has a higher percent of older residents than the state as a whole. Joe recognizes this and has committed to being a forceful advocate for our senior citizens. Joe Shekarchi will bring energy and fresh ideas to his work as a legislator and a commitment to work on behalf of the people of the 23rd District and residents of Warwick. As a former state legislator from Warwick, I am pleased to support Joe’s candidacy.

Maureen Maigret

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Yeah right...Look at Shawomet Realty and all those land deals! Warwick's version of Patrick Conley.

I would like to point out the fact that Mr. Shekarchi did not register to vote in District 23 until May 17, 2012. He owns a home on Commonwealth Ave. He bought a foreclosed property for $63K. I have lived in the District for 25 years. He will use this opportunity as a stepping stone. He only has his own self advancement as his agenda. I am running for State Rep in District 23. I will not seek higher office. My goal is to help the hard working people of the District. Time to "ELECT A BUSINESSMAN, NOT ANOTHER LAWYER".

It,s so funny how people can do things . shekarchi is ok . to bad so many other people isn,t so SHARP. wait i know 1 more THE KING

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