October 10, 2015
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Skewed priorities

To the Editor:

I must say that after reading the article about bottled water, that I am amazed.

We have many, many problems in Warwick, and none are so petty as the price of a case of bottled water for seniors at the Pilgrim Senior Center. It is a self-supporting item. It makes a profit; it is used by our seniors. It is easy for them, a convenience. This price for water was part of a legal accepted bid by the city.

We have many problems such as out-of-control pensions, millions of dollars in over time, and an airport slowly swallowing the city.

Is this a problem? It does not seem so. Is the price of bottled water important? I assume so. We have desk thumping, disparaging remarks to the head of the Pilgrim Senior Center, and accusations as well. I have to believe that this is nothing but election year foolishness. Someone wants, needs headlines. Nothing else can explain it. Millions versus pennies, somebody’s priorities are a little skewed.

Walter R. Amoroso

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