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Speaking up for CJ

To the residents of Ward 7:

We wanted to first start off by stating that we understand what time of year it is. We understand that the political “silly season” is upon us and in full swing, but we also understand the importance of speaking up. That is exactly what we did and will continue to do on behalf of our councilman, C.J. Donovan. We took the opportunity to speak up and bring to his attention a very serious issue in the neighborhood. We can attest that not only did he get back to us, he continues to work diligently and proactively with the many neighbors whose lives are affected on this very important public safety issue in Greenwood. We, along with our neighbors, are pleased to support CJ and urge other voters of Ward 7 to do the same.
Thank you for your help, Councilman Donovan.

Tina and Paul Clark

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CJ Donovan is a C- councilman. He is also the one of the better councilman the city has. The two opponents he faces are not any better. Russo is a retired city union worker (police) and Gemma has no true convictions either. I feel Russo will advocate for city workers at the detriment of the taxpayers. Gemma is an ego driven politician that has taken different sides of an issue depending on how popular it was at the time.

I feel given the choices Donovan is the best choice and I will be voting for him.

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