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Stem the advance of hatred

To the Editor:

The date that you reported on the Holocaust speaker who visited SS. Rose and Clement Parish was providential. Nov. 10 is “Kristallnacht,” which commemorates the horrific attacks on Jewish men, women and children in Austria in 1938.

Such evil must never be ignored or forgotten, which is why I was impressed when the youth of my parish sponsored and welcomed Mrs. Alice Eichenbaum, who told her story of the Holocaust, as well as that of her husband Ray – a survivor of Auschwitz. The evening left an important impression on everyone in attendance.

For making that night possible, I must thank the many who worked so hard and with such passion. Of course, I commend my own parishioners and my parish Youth Groups, but I especially thank the dedicated men and women at the Holocaust Education & Resource Center of Rhode Island.

Additionally, I would like to thank Ms. Jessica Botelho and the Warwick Beacon for their fine coverage of a wonderful night of inter-faith dialogue and community building. You were able to bring the message and lessons of the evening to many more who could not attend.

Together, may we renew our effort to stem the advance of hatred and build up mutual respect and dignity for all human beings. Indeed, as we so often pray at our parish, may God’s love transform every element of our society.

Rev. Edward J. Wilson Jr.
SS. Rose & Clement Parish

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