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Thankful for Carrier’s invention

To the Editor:

As you know, we have had some hot days. Most of us (who have been blessed and fortunate) have air conditioners that have made our lives happy, healthy and comfortable. There is nothing like an air conditioner in our home when that temperature reaches that certain level.

I am going to give you a quiz. Do you know the name of the inventor of the modern air conditioner? I have asked this question many times during the past, and no one has given me the correct answer.

I know I have kept you in suspense. The inventor of the modern air conditioner was Willis Carrier. He was born in Massachusetts on Nov. 26, 1876 and died on Oct. 6, 1950. The Carrier name is still popular in the manufacturing of air conditioners and other cooling units.

I do hope you will remember Willis Carrier each summer. Imagine your life today without having your air conditioner. In fact, I think that TIME magazine should print his photo on the front cover each June just to remind us how important he has been. Anyways, I just may test you next June in the Beacon and ask you, especially on a hot day, “Who invented the modern air conditioner?”

Stay Cool.

Joseph Holtzman


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