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That's Entertainment: Twenty years ago
Don Fowler

Pawtucket’s famous China Inn opened another location at the site of the former Golden Lantern in Warwick. Alas, it did not last very long. Lois Yip’s original restaurant is still going strong, and worth a trip to Pawtucket.

Chevy Chase played an invisible man in "Memoirs of an Invisible Man." “See it for its special effects,” I said, “not for its dumb story.”

"My Cousin Vinny" was one of the funniest movies of 1992, with a hysterically funny Joe Pesci playing a two-bit Brooklyn lawyer who drives to Alabama with his girlfriend (Marisa Tomei) to defend his cousin in a murder trial.

Michael Douglas starred in "Basic Instinct" as a San Francisco detective with some psychological problems. Sharon Stone plays a novelist who described the murder in detail in her latest novel. I said it was “a wild and sexy roller coaster ride.”

Woody Allen was back playing his usual “everyman” role in "Shadows and Fog." Trinity’s Daniel Von Bargen played a vigilante. Lili Tomlin, Jodi Foster and Kathy Bates played prostitutes. Madonna was a circus performer. John Malkovich was a clown and Mia Farrow was a sword swallower. Now that’s some weird casting.

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