October 13, 2015
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Don Fowler

Joyce ***½

Don first half *** ½

second half **

(Grotesque thriller)

Halle Berry plays Jordan, a 911 operator  who really gets involved in her calls.

The first half of the movie depicts a huge LA call center, where the audience gets a big taste of the complex operation, the variety of calls and the stress they put on the staff. Jordan is put in the difficult situation of saving a young girl from a home invasion and kidnapping. The scene is loaded with tension, leading to an unsuccessful conclusion, which takes its toll on the dedicated Jordan.

Switch to six months later. Jordan is off the phones and serving as a trainer when a call comes in from another young girl who has been kidnapped and is locked in the trunk by a maniacal man. Jordan takes control of the critical situation, calming the girl (Abigail Breslin) down and providing her with instructions to save her life. Most of these are clever and innovative, e.g. kick out the taillights and wave your hand to attract attention. There are some scary, tense scenes as the kidnapper becomes aware of what is happening.

Unfortunately, this is where the movie lost me. There are two grisly deaths, leading to a grotesque and out of control ending, where Jordan and the kidnapped girl gain revenge.

Joyce accepted the ending and liked the movie as a whole entity.

Don, the frustrated writer, would have rewritten the ending to be less violent and grotesque.

Rated a big R, with extreme violence.

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