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The Cold Light of Day
Don Fowler
2 stars
Reviewer's Rating:

(Cliche-ridden spy chase movie)

Henry Cavill stars as Will Shaw, the familiar "ordinary man forced into extraordinary situations.”

Will visits his family (mother, father, sister, brother) for a week-long sailing trip in Spain. Family is kidnapped. Will and his father (Bruce Willis) have 24 hours to deliver a mysterious briefcase to the bad guys or the family will be killed.

Will discovers that Dad is CIA, but he can't figure out why his colleague (Sigourney Weaver) is chasing after them. Will seeks help with the police, the American Embassy and, of course, a pretty young lady who gets involved in the chase. The spy/chase movie uses every cliché in the book.

We're never sure who are the good guys and bad guys. We never discover what's in the briefcase. And we can never quite believe how this wimpy guy manages to survive brutal beatings, falls from motorcycles, jumping out windows and being shot. It is all pretty ridiculous. The only saving grace are the beautiful shots of Madrid.

Rated PG-13, with lots of violence.

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