October 10, 2015
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The Iron Lady’s lasting legacy

To the Editor:

This Monday morning, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died at age 87.

This remarkable woman, the daughter of a grocer, was the first female and longest serving Prime Minister since the late 19th century. She entered office when Britain was in dire straits from its long pursuit of socialist practices of Big Government: choking regulations on business and industries, government takeover of public utilities, resulting in high unemployment and a greatly diminished role globally.

She turned Britain around with a conservative government that put “Great” back into “Britain” with a market economy and made our mother country and greatest ally once again a leading player on the world stage. Of course we all remember when this “Iron Lady” stiffened the resolve of wavering President George H.W. Bush to lead a coalition force that ejected the kleptocrat Saddam Hussein from his conquest of Kuwait in a lightning one-week operation.

Her rescue of her country from the death throes of the nanny state greatly benefited its people and the world at large. As Americans, we can and we must remember her message that Socialism is great – until you run out of other people’s money! Hail Mrs. Thatcher, and enjoy Eternity with Denis and our old friend and benefactor, Sir Winston Churchill.

Al Gemma


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