A better option


To the Editor:
On June 14, THE Providence Journal published an editorial entitled “Mr. Montanaro’s $50,000 perk.” The piece was a refresher on why Rhode Island has languished at the bottom of the standings for so long. Our state legislature provides lavish benefits for the relative few who “know a guy” at the expense of the many, who work hard and do the right thing. High taxes and fees levied on people to fund exclusive union perks have prompted Rhode Island families and businesses to leave our state for better opportunities elsewhere.
To understand how Rhode Island’s failing model is allowed to persist, you just need to follow the money. Union members pay dues to the union, which then funnels the money to the legislators in the form of campaign contributions. The legislators then funnel the money back to the members in these high paying positions, who then pay dues back to the union and work to re-elect “their guy.” These members receive more compensation from government than they pay in taxes, so they’re not interested in cutting spending and possibly sacrificing their perks. As Montanaro argued, they are entitled.
Every two years the voters have a choice. Unfortunately, much of the money in local elections is spent to defeat good candidates who want change and to simply do the right thing for the Rhode Island people. We must continue working to spread our message and persuade voters that there is a better option than the guy who keeps reaching into your wallet.

Dan Elliott

Dan Elliott was the 2016 Independent candidate for Rhode Island’s 20th House District.


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