A cleaner world


To the Editor:

Protecting the environment and leaving a cleaner world to future generations should not be a controversial proposition, and government policies to make that a reality don’t all need to be divisive either. The Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act, currently before the U.S. Senate, is one common-sense proposal that should garner widespread support.

The legislation would enable drivers to choose certain fuels that contain more biofuel all year round. Currently, gas stations are prevented from selling gas that contains five percent more ethanol than standard fuel during the summer months, eliminating an option that is both less expensive and more earth-friendly. By including more ethanol in our fuel supply year round, we will more fully realize the benefits of America’s vast renewable resources, including lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced smog.

Federal rules preventing drivers from using a cleaner, greener fueling option make no sense. I encourage Senator Whitehouse to support legislation that’s now under consideration in his Environment and Public Works Committee and stand up for America’s leadership in green energy innovation.

Eve Spremullo



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