A Flower for Panda


(October 27, 1999 – February 20, 2012)

Beautiful (as her eyes reached from her soul to yours.)
Loving (as she freely shared herself with one and all.)
Soft (as the touch of her fur was a gift.)
Tender (as she had the ability to connect and trust.)
Funny (as she chewed bubble gum from under the student’s desks or jumped on the counter at the bank as she waited for her treat.)
Patient (as she lovingly put up with the antics of the new puppy Angel, who adored her.)
Cooperative (as she stood calmly as I dried her off after a walk in the rain or waited ever so politely in a school hallway after a program, as I put on my coat and gloves before exiting the building, even though she knew we were going to the park.)
Cuddly (as she lay in the bed near me, with my kitty Scoop on the other side.)
Alert (as she was ever watchful as she lay in her favorite spot outdoors, barking, true to her breed, Great Pyrenees, letting me know that someone was moving in front of the house, and yet was thrilled to interact lovingly a few minutes later, when I took her out in front, to meet the mail-lady or whoever was passing by.)
Appreciative (as she leaned into, kissed and gave her paw to her friends grooming her.)
Eager (as she was always ready for a walk in the neighborhood or park, or a ride in the car to a school, agency or conference hall, knowing intuitively that life was good and that I would always be there to keep her safe and happy.)
Perseverant (as she enjoyed the challenge of trying to walk over the 6-inch bars (physical therapy equipment) made by my grandson to help strengthen the muscles in her hind legs.)
Sharing (as she and I shared tuna fish sandwiches for lunch for 12 ½ years.)
Welcoming (as she was always happy when my family came over.)
Warm (as I escorted her in from the backyard, when at times she didn’t want to come in, on her own, I was always amazed, even in the coldest winter day, how placing my hand in her soft fur (she was just the right height for me to comfortably reach) would warm my hand.)
Calm (as she was such a big dog, people were always amazed that being in her presence was truly a spiritual experience.)
Endearing (as she always gave a thank-you kiss – to teachers, children and me – before taking a drink of water when anyone held a cup for her, which was so meaningful, even though she had a bowl of water on the floor.)
Content (as she stretched out her beautiful self from one end of the couch to the other – relaxing with a sigh and reminding me of the song “At the End of a Perfect Day.”)

A Flower for Panda and
A Million Thank You's
for all the
You shared.

Your loving guardian


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