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A Good Day to Die Hard



* * ½

(Father/son bonding amid mayhem)

Now is a good day to put the "Die Hard" series to rest. Would somebody please tell Bruce Willis that 25 years of this mayhem is enough?

Willis reprises his role as John McClane, traveling to Moscow to find his estranged son, Jack (Jai Courtney). He literally runs into him as Jack is escaping from a bunch of Russian bad guys and gets involved in a wild car/truck chase through the streets of Moscow. It is pretty exciting with a few new angles and, like the rest of the movie, completely implausible.

Amid all of the action is the tired story of a father and son who hate each other but slowly bond. Tired clichés and jokes are dropped while the two chase and are chased by the bad guys. It is all about a secret file that a Russian possesses as they try to protect him as he leads them to the file.

There is one big twist halfway through the movie that changes everything - everything but the multitude of car crashes, gun battles, narrow escapes and silly patter between father and son. They end up in one big gun fight in Chernobyl that looks like a warehouse in New Jersey.

Like previous "Die Hards," Willis escapes gunfire, physical beatings, car crashes and falling from tall buildings with nary a scratch. Stupid story. Lots of action.

Rated R, with extreme violence and some profanity.


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