A little advice


To the Editor:

So as I look at the contrast of my beautiful 2-week-old son and the ugliness displayed in Boston, I got to thinking what I would say to Caleb if he (or my sweet girls, for that matter) asked me about the events that took place today. It would probably go something like this.

“Well, son, I can’t tell you why it happened. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, and I won’t make guesses or excuses for it. I guess the best thing I can do is offer you a little advice … so here it goes.

First, don’t watch too much news. At some point they run out of facts, and it turns into guessing and starts to get too scary. Watch enough to know what happened, then put on The Smurfs or whatever it is you kids watch nowadays.

Second, don’t be scared. Be mindful, be careful, but never be scared. Everything you do has risk. When you go to the beach, you have to be very careful near the water. There are things in it that will hurt you, some on purpose, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go in. The water is the best part of the beach (until you turn 15 … but that’s advice for a later time), so don’t be afraid to enjoy it. Just be safe as you can.

Third, and this is very important, so pay attention. Be a good boy. Show people they don’t have to be scared. It doesn’t take moving mountains; just simple kindness. Just being nice. Thank about it like this: It’s nighttime and the lights go out. You’re a little scared until Daddy turns on his flashlight. Then Mom turns on hers. Then you, Mack and Haily turn on yours. The whole house will light up! The flashlight is just being nice, and showing us a little light. It’s just doing the right thing, what it’s supposed to do for us. Just do what you’re supposed to do, be a good boy, and help those that need it. You’ll be one of many and you’ll light up the world.

Finally, and most importantly, remember how much Mommy and Daddy love you and how proud of you we are. No matter what happens today, tomorrow or a hundred years from now; that will NEVER change. I know it doesn’t seem like much now, but when you need to be that flashlight and you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth showing your light, it might help.”

Jacob Morgan



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Teach your kid about good and evil. People need to know that true evil exists out there. There is no reason to look beyond it for another explanation. Good and evil. Since the dawn of time.

Thursday, April 25, 2013