A memorial bike park


To the Editor:
Our young people in the Buttonwoods area are sorely in need of an area in which to ride their dirt bikes.  This city owes them the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and a healthy, happy outlet for their high spirits. 
Do we really want our kids to spend their free time connected to computers, cell phones, video games, etc.?
I won’t address the issue of the circulator, but we know the cost in $$$$$, inconvenience, etc.
I vote to spend a few of our extremely high tax dollars on our own children. A memorial park for our own kids would be a lasting tribute to those 17 who lost their lives in Florida.
We seem unable to win against the NRA, but we can build a place for our own young people to safely ride their bikes. We could call it the Stoneman-Douglas Memorial Park.

Lynn Potter-Vosselman


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