A minimum investment with a maximum return


“Two cents.”

That’s what the public is being invited to contribute at tonight’s Comprehensive Plan open house at Buttonwoods Community Center on West Shore Road. The open house starts at 5 p.m. and runs to 8.

The use of the idiom for a personal opinion is in no way directed at cheapening the importance of voicing what you feel the Warwick of tomorrow should be like.

The process needn’t be daunting. This is not rocket science.

As the city planning department and their consultants have done in ward meetings and a citywide survey, it begins with identifying what’s good about the city and what could be made better.

The survey identified a lot of positives about the city from its proximity to major forms of transportation – yes, even the airport was named as a good thing for Warwick – to its 39 miles of shoreline, recreational facilities and easy access to markets. Not so strangely, some of those positives were also identified as negatives. Some people felt there was too much retail development and the traffic it brings. Airport noise was on the list of negatives, too.

Also, on the list of needing attention were enforcement of minimum housing codes, seen as necessary to preserve neighborhoods, and development of small businesses in Conimicut and Apponaug.

A lot of work has already gone into the comprehensive plan and a lot of issues have been identified. The process has been inclusive and transparent, which is a good thing.

It’s not over. There’s no blueprint awaiting a final stamp of approval … not yet.

Planners and their consultants are still gathering input and looking for feedback on what’s been suggested so far.

Our message is simple – take advantage of tonight’s open house. Invest your two cents. The dividends could be substantial.


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